Grace + Josh

Grace and Josh radiated a warmth that combatted the winter chill—their affection palpable and their laughter musical. Snuggled together in the open astrovan they’ve adventured across the country in, the couple traded adoring gazes and flirtatious grins. Grace affectionately brushed a stray lock of hair from Josh’s eyes; he tenderly caressed her wind-nipped cheeks, the pink matching the happy flush that came with being near her love.

I asked for meaningful props, knowing objects carrying sentimental value add heart to my sessions. The astrovan was the obvious choice, full of memories from carefree days on the open road to cozy nights spent curled up as the starry skies passed by overhead. Now, it provided a romantic backdrop highlighting this pair so clearly immersed in one another. Shutter closed, I captured GraceTracing Josh’s features with a delicate touch as he folded her into his strong, sure arms—two souls embracing their profound bond.

The photos reflected an intimacy told through details like linked hands, eyes shining as they stole longing glances, the comfort found in a familiar space with their beloved. I managed to translate emotional honesty into images, but the camera could hardly compare to witnessing in person such an authentic, deeply-felt love.



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PHOTOS BY Kiku Ishimoto Photography