Benny + Austin

Benny and Austin’s idyllic wedding unfolded like a fairytale dream under the burnt orange rocks of Willow Ridge Manor. Known for their genuineness and warmth that makes every guest feel like family, the bride and groom exuded an aura of inclusive love. Their joy proved contagious, soon enveloping friends and family alike in the celebrations.

I first met the couple months before and was immediately struck by their kindness. Benny’s smile lit up the whole room while her soon-to-be husband Austin exuded a comforting, non-judgmental energy. His relaxed and accepting way instantly put me at ease and made me trust him. As I later learned, their loving spirits touch every life they encounter.

On their wedding day, the venue glowed, infused with the couple’s magical chemistry. Golden afternoon light glinted off the red rock formations outside. The Benny beamed at Austin with barely contained elation during the ceremony. Her eyes saw only him while friends dabbed their tears of joy.

Later, the dance floor thrummed with revelers celebrating Benny and Austin’s dream union. Strangers soon turned to friends, bonding over the extraordinary love that this extraordinary couple inspires in all around them. By the night’s end, the real magic was the community Benny and Austin had called together, now bound by the promise of love and connection their love represents.

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PHOTOS BY Kiku Ishimoto Photography