Victoria + Lucas

Victoria and Lucas—an exceptional couple in both character and achievements. Both successful professionals, their meaningful work improves untold lives. But more cherished than any vocational accolades is the love they nurture.

I captured the radiant joy of their relationship against the Jemez Mountains in New Mexico—a fitting backdrop for these two flames that found each other. Wandering meadows, their laughter floated on the mountain air as freely as the bubbling creek they played in.

Splashing its refreshing chill on smiling faces, they stole kisses sweeter than the surrounding sagebrush. Lucas’s arms encircled Victoria.. Her glow outshone even the golden hour sun kissing the horizon. As vivid hues bled across the sky, I glimpsed Lucas sneak up and tickle Victoria, her bubbly laughter mixing with coy squeals.

Skillfully balanced professional success and personal fulfillment, Victoria and Lucas live life intentionally, not a moment wasted. With an eye always towards making their corner of the world brighter, their honorable work fuels society. But most central: nurturing a love that overflows to touch every life it encounters.

The Jemez sunset could not compare to the radiance of their joy. My lens captured, if only briefly, the spark that ignites these exceptional flames.



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PHOTOS BY Kiku Ishimoto Photography