Joanna + Simon

Intentionality radiates through every aspect of Joanna and Simon’s life together, from the values that drew them to one another to the thoughtful details infused in their wedding day. Joanna’s calling as an incredible doula and soon-to-be nurse stems from her dedication to activism and creating spaces overflowing with love. Simon pursued law school with eyes wide open to the injustices plaguing society, aiming to counter biases and correct a broken system. From their first encounter, the two made space for healing and unconditional love.

This same conscientiousness guided each wedding planning decision, weaving together a celebration filled with resonant meaning. The couple hired NetZero Ranch, pioneers in zero-waste catering that grow their own produce and cook ethically-sourced meats onsite. Their visionary florist Super Bloom Floristry, a queer and black-owned business, transformed gorgeous blooms into jaw-dropping arrangements. The vibrant wedding unfolded on the grounds of Taos Goji Berry Farm, where produce gardens and roaming farm animals set a bucolic scene.

From the life paths that converged into one, to this beautifully crafted event aligning with their shared ethics, Joanna and Simon create spaces brimming with intention and care. Their wedding day crystallized a vision for living lighter on the earth while cultivating richer connections that empower and inspire. The significance behind each meticulous detail beams, illuminating a regenerative path forward rooted in justice and joy.

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PHOTOS BY Kiku Ishimoto Photography