Frannie + Shawn

Shawn and Frannie— soulmates whose vibrant bond was evident from our first encounter. Beaming smiles revealed their joy; affectionate banter highlighted an unshakable comfort between these two bright flames.

“Frannie amazes me every day,” Shawn gushed. Her adoring gaze never left him, as if no one else had ever set her passion alight quite like this cherished love of not just one, but many lifetimes.

On their wedding day, blissful celebrations unfolded organically to spotlight such a special union. Laughter freely spilled over, made sweeter with happy tears as they thanked loved ones for sharing in their milestone. I documented countless authentic moments reinforcing an unmistakable soul connection.

My lens captured Shawn pulling Frannie into an impromptu dance, their bodies fitting together effortlessly like two perfectly paired puzzle pieces. Joy illuminated glowing features as vows poured from the heart—raw, meaningful promises only intended for the other’s ears.

Basking in the company of those who loved them most, Shawn and Frannie created a welcoming warmth more familial than any wedding I’d photographed. And still, they only had eyes for each other—the guests merely blurred, beaming backgrounds to this devoted duo feathers destined to fly life’s adventures together from here on out.

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PHOTOS BY Kiku Ishimoto Photography