Griffin Family Photos

Araxie and Griffin—longtime clients, treasured friends. Their buoyant spirits uplift; their big hearts embrace. Through them, goodness glows. To say they inspire my photography is an understatement.

This day unfolded on gilded shores—Crystal Cove welcomed their precious baby girl to first feel the caress of sand and sea. Nestled snug in Araxie’s arms, tiny toes wriggled instinctively at the sensation. James wrapped his family in a tender embrace, smiles reaching their eyes above masked faces. Together they wandered the waterline, bliss radiating as gentle waves lapped the shore.

The lens couldn’t contain such unrestrained joy. Though too small to imprint the sand herself yet, this darling girl had already etched herself onto her parents’ hearts. Araxie and James doted on their daughter, the beach her introduction to their treasured world. As the glow of sunset graced the tides, it was abundantly clear—love overflows in this home. Witnessing such a connection filled my own heart to the brim.



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PHOTOS BY Kiku Ishimoto Photography