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This lively family journeyed to New Mexico’s majestic mountains to authentically capture the spirit that binds them. Their spirited boys kept Lindsay and Shane on their toes during a laughter-filled session beneath soaring blue skies. Amidst playful antics and sincere snuggles, the love this adventuresome foursome share shined.

Witnessing their dynamic filled me with gratitude. Energetic little ones chased each other all over the trail as Mom and Dad grinned on lovingly. The toddler nestled sweetly with mom, his brother sneaking in behind his mom to give her a big hug. Unposed interactions like these, steeped in joy and affection, convey profound intimacy.

By letting those rambunctious personalities take the lead, I simply followed the story as it unfolded before my lens – a priceless narrative of family bonds stronger than the ancient peaks framing them. Their spirit didn’t need idealized portraiture; it just needed freedom to run wild.



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PHOTOS BY Kiku Ishimoto Photography