Joanna + Simon

This stunning New Mexico lake that holds such deep personal meaning for Joanna made a poignantly perfect backdrop on an overcast day as she proposed to Simon during our photo session. As we captured intimate embraces along the misty, mysterious shoreline under gray skies, she chose this peaceful spot that has long been her refuge to ask the life-changing question.

After capturing photos full of affectionate gazes and tender embraces, we sat together reveling in natural splendor. Soon a philosophical discussion unfolded about the nature of lasting relationships. Joanna described how her and Simon consciously cultivate an ever-deepening bond. Simon emphasized their commitment to equitable give-and-take, intentionally balancing needs to nurture their profound connection without depleting one other.

This dedication to conscious partnership mirrors how Joanna and Simon approach all human relationships. Devoted activists who champion justice and inclusion for oppressed communities, they extend radical love to people from all walks of life. On their wedding day this conviction will be woven into everything from vendor partnerships to symbolic ceremonials. For now, barefoot and dreamy-eyed on the precipice of forever, the couple modeled revolutionary love flowing from self-work and mutual care. In their gentle passion burns determination to lead lives anchored in healing – starting with how they nurture their own sacred union



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PHOTOS BY Kiku Ishimoto Photography