Maia + Yves

Maia and Yves’ love floats through crisp mountain air as soft as the snowflakes dancing around them – a gentle affection reminiscent of classic cinema. Though their time together still spans only a few years, their intimacy echoes that of childhood sweethearts. Simple moments become magical between these two, whether Yves piggybacks Maia through snowy meadows or they tilt faces skyward, tasting the snow that was falling.

Laughing into a flurry of kisses, the couple wove childlike wonder into this snow-veiled Evergreen landscape. Under endless Colorado azure, the old pines guarding this meadow sheltered something timeless – a love gentle yet tenacious as the native wildflowers come spring. The snow-muted palette proved the ideal stage for the radiance flowing between two souls that found home in one another’s arms. Within this glistening scene, Maia and Yves composed their own poetry, wordless but understood by any who have fallen completely.



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PHOTOS BY Kiku Ishimoto Photography