Mik + Chloe

Mik and Chloe epitomize unconditional love. With only two hours’ notice, these radiant souls met me amidst overcast skies for an impromptu session. But no amount of clouds could obscure the dazzling joy between them. Their beautiful auras eclipsed any missing sunlight as laughter rang out infectiously over the vacant meadow.

Wandering together through fields of windswept grass, Mik and Chloe relinquished complete creative control to me. Yet their connection guided itself. I merely served as conduit, channeling the story their body language silently composed in each tender touch: hand found hand as naturally as conversation flowed, gazes locked with implicit understanding.

Though they brought little direction, Mik and Chloe performed masterfully for my lens just by following their hearts’ whispers. Their comfort in this space blossomed fully formed trust and intimacy captured in my frames. Limitless love untethered them completely in these off-the-cuff moments of affectionate spontaneity and natural beauty.

The shoot yielded my most intentional, artful photographs to date, yet that potency arose organically. By simply cultivating the freedom for authentic inspiration between them to guide us, creativity flourished unconditionally. Through a lens, I witnessed the poetry penned when unconditional devotion meets uninhibited self-expression.



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PHOTOS BY Kiku Ishimoto Photography