Savannah + Andrew

As icy wind howled and hail pelted down, Colorado’s capricious springtime weather could not dampen this couple’s radiant joy. Savannah and Andrew beamed even brighter than the dazzling mountain vista behind them, their affection a shelter against the elements.

In just a couple months, the parents-to-be will welcome their first child, marking a new season of life. Yet their contagious laughter echoed through the valleys, reminding all within earshot what true love sounds like. Their grins outshone even the glaciers’ glint in the sporadic sunlight. It is no surprise a bit of cold and damp stood no chance of ruining their celebration.

I captured their giddiness stealing kisses, his palm protectively covering her bump. Time itself seemed to pause, allowing me to imprint their anticipation and tenderness within this stunning scene. As sleet swirled around Colorado’s ancient peaks, this young couple radiated the warmth found in long-awaited new beginnings and dreams finally within reach.



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PHOTOS BY Kiku Ishimoto Photography